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Literature the moon, and back
"My heart aches",
I plead to Moon,
send my Love, back.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 1 1
Moon's Earth
You are the gravity of this dull satellite,
orbital reflection
never in reach.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 3 5
I cannot fall any further
there is no down,
there is only the dust
of this charred soul.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 3 5
You are my sun
you are my moon
foundation of light for my life
make my heart glow;
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 3 1
Cry openly
              Smile widely
                                Stand in awe
Be yourself
              Love with all your heart
                                & Never, ever look back.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 3 0
the colour of may.
I find myself awake today unlike any
other. My eyes the sandy camel's,
far and wide
the glaze
it hits me with a force that knocks wind
from my chest
and every day I wake beside you I
feel as though I am entering life
for the first time
repeatedly famished they drink
(I drink) you like an oasis in the desert
parched and eager
the clouds cannot hold me down
this force
it is ultimate and it dwells deep in my
black hole chasm
I want to take you
keep you stranded inside
lost with me, and found.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 2 3
Mature content
like a warrior, he does. :iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 1 5
The heart takes photographs of her feelings.
promiscuity at its peak
she ducks and weaves around his middle,
sliding across her chest
snake-like and sly-eyed smile
pasting kisses with their maiche hearts
he holds her firm; holds tall; holds her
sweeping his hands
they form fists around breasts
planting love like seedlings, watering her with an ocean
of cool calm drowning pegasus
take flight
wings fold around a centre crushed and spent,
could do this all night,
and they thrust and spend their hours spending
their coat-walls and
shattering ceiling cracks
while these stories they share
mere baggage
carry the weight, I'll hold you to your feet
my dear.
I cannot fathom, in all of me,
in great imagination, intelligence
or soul, the glory and
expanse of this universe
in whom we were gifted.

she sprouts wings,
lets go,
release me to the world! she screams
like death and living nightmares
a tremendous feat to wander above clouds
and there is a long fall
catch her,
bring her to her
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 3 2
the sky is a haze of sunken grey, peeping stars and galaxy incredible. I sit beside you and in the dark we smoke clouds of imperfect, discussing the world and the love for our fathers that is a long time coming. We shiver collectively at the delight of the moon's mysterious guise and just like the universe I want to crawl myself inside you, discover your uncharted wiles and subspace that is your terrain,
the golden glow of your face in the morning sun is an acquired taste that I could suck down and consume for the eternity that is our lives; this panting a losing battle of the subliminally hypnotized, and its undeserving glory would preceed me, taking my words that slip from tongue to ear while I collapse my expendable heart and shoot blindly toward Venus.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 2 0
some say.. is the slowest form of suicide,
so I embrace death
and temper it with kisses from a king
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 4 0
from the cage of clouded judgement
of darkened eyes
where golden cobwebs reside
in the tear ducts of a chariot's horse
the flow of salt waivers and melts in a sea of extortion and sweat
the box a crypt of dead stars where shadows
shape and shroud the light of a newborn day
there is no leaving this place
only escape to the jaws of impurity
from the heart of a stronghold
archer's flame to a dragon's lair
may he bow in defeat
dark and sweet.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 0 0
L word.
Placebo serenades us in the darkness of a quiet room,
are you trying to make me fall in love with you I ask with a silent smile
there is no welcoming answer, only a blind noise I recognise to be a blush
I wish for him to say yes or, aren't you already,
and I wrap my arms around a chest I want to nest my ribcage in, knowing that these words are too early
I am a stumbling zone of Tetris
begging to be put together and broken repeatedly
he yields graciously like a knight to sword approaching a queen and it is an unmistakable breath of heaven,
so we build and build until the ringing could crack the sky and Zeus would aim a lightning bolt because he is a thunderstorm baby
And no amount of lonely planet could keep me from making this mould
I want to tear him to shreds
see everything to entertain the idea of what he's made of,
and I would glue delicately every piece back together
just as it were
because it is perfect and he is perfect and I want to drown my life-force,
make new ones with his a
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 1 0
the colour of blue.
He's wearing the moon in his eyes tonight,
the haze seeps through music like water
precious and soft
he is a mass of shapes and hot breath (like silk
I want to drink it down, cover myself in the blankets of bed)
we become a machine entering the gape to a void that surpass these cloudy nights
and dawn transcends like a mountain
covering his shoulders in the sun-kissed glow of pulsating skin that shakes me to touch
(so I do
and the scalding lingers)
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 1 0
he holds my arms and speaks in whispers that he's not the conventional type. for a cynic, I shrug and let myself believe the escape that unfolds in his palms.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 2 1
the slumber of a lion is a relentless calm
it is a hummingbird's quiet dying breath
and a few petals
swept up in the rain on a tin roof
the sky a heaving flux of cold and an ambiguous feeling
wafting and churning above their heads
with their hearts in their mouths tonight
(getting to know what being alive feels like)
it is an infatuation,
soaking in the souls of a lover's lament.
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 1 2
Thursday April 18
she listens to the beat of a drum
a phoenix in flame
the heart of guitars tingle and flow through the spine like a sense of affliction
and it is overwhelming
the breath of life seeps through in gasps,
clutch and breathe, feel the life that is inside you
she wishes to wash her fears into him
as the affection drains and expires to beautiful starlight song
and the waves they crash
like a shore they break and she believes that at this moment she could cry
and it is overwhelming to the point of desperation
her soul, she wants it to be a vine
that crawls and cracks skin in the sensation of true exasperation and it creeps
like poison ivy, luring seductress with sweet indulgence of a cherry kiss and the guitars,
they still play to sweat and slumber of a lover's night
to where the future does not hold she caves and his weight is enticing
breaking the bread of earth with her fingers.
the word he uses is spectacular and they giggle their way through another night
and it's a puni
:iconavolatilecalm:AVolatileCalm 0 2
[To the pit of me and back again; honestly]

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faith :icondreamscape-painter:dreamscape-painter 1 0
"speak to me," he begs silently,
his eyes screaming pleas
his heart dares not to whisper.
appealing, concealing, to those shining reflections
and sees what he refuses
sees what he has come to be -
…is confronted by bold-faced emptiness.
"speak to me, please," he doesn't say.
"tell me i'm imagining this feeling i don't see,
this look that i don't feel…"
and stifled by her ignorance
he falls away and broods,
and rots,
and darkens.
he knows,
he feels what he dares not admit.
she knows,
she feels, what she dares not gaze upon.
assaulting his ears, pressing upon him
like a formed chamber, casket of stone,
silence pervades his faltering heart;
nibbles and worries at
the pieces of his dignity,
of decaying obligation
to self
and love
and life.
adrift, and alone.
back where it all began.
not even the silence
accompanies him anymore…
he has only his thoughts
those that taunt him
mock him
drive him deeper,
deeper into the resonant hollows
the aching echoes
that rend his muted, sunken core
to wort
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I feel like a cat

living nine lives or more..

but I am more relevant to that of a cicada,

lonely on the branch,

stuck shedding skin

before I can fly.


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